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Shinnoki panels are only suited for interior applications. Most common applications are home cabinetry, kitchen fronts, dressings, fixed furniture, reception desks, office cabinets, hotel closets, etc… Shinnoki is not suitable for horizontal use in kitchens, bathrooms or similar humid areas.

Thanks to the homogeneity generated by the mixmatch technique, Shinnoki is an extremely suitable solution for projects. Because the production of Shinnoki is centralized at one location and the product requirements are very strict, the different spaces within one and the same project will feel as a whole. In addition, you will achieve a surprising result with Shinnoki without any unpleasant surprises: the technical details, prices and finishes are known in advance and you can also tailor Shinnoki parts and place them on the spot during the completion of your project.

"A ready-to-use veneered panel that saves me a lot of time in the project's lead time. And in addition, Shinnoki is value for money and a top product that nevertheless preserves the class and appearance of a natural product as real wood veneer." - Christof Hennion, CH Construct

"Excellent price/quality ratio for projects where speed of processing and constant product quality are important." - anonymous

"Shinnoki offers an aesthetic added value for every project and is also very easy to handle and process, and the maintenance-friendly features are an extra pleasant surprise for the end customer." - Eva Cloetens, GHI Decor BVBA

"Wysiwyg: beautiful collection and very useful for every designer."
- Pieter Albers, Leeuwerik Plaat

"With Shinnoki, we are raising our offering to a higher level thanks to the excellent quality and the beautiful veneer." - Wim Hofman, De suite

"With Shinnoki, we offer an extra trump card to the interior craftsman, and the innovative and accessible character of this product is one of seasonings of our interior range." - Johan Demeyere, Cras NV