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Panels with a high quality mdf core

Panels with a high quality mdf core

Shinnoki prefinished panels are made up of a top layer of veneer, an 18 mm (11/16”) MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability. This range of wood veneered panels does not need any further finishing. There is almost no limit to the ways it can be used - from kitchens to wardrobes in the home market, and from offices to bars or restaurant furnishings in the project market.

Double-sided panels
These panels are finished the same way on both sides with the Shinnoki design and protection technology. They come with a transparent foil layer to protect the boards during transportation and handling that is simple to remove.

Single-sided panels
For application where only one side of the panel is constantly visible, the single-sided Shinnoki panels are a great cost-effective alternative. These boards are finished on one side with the Shinnoki design. To guarantee the stability, a balance veneer is needed. We chose for a technical veneer which is stained and lacquered to be a reasonably matching balancer pertaining to the front side. Both sides have a protective foil whick is easy to remove.

2790 x 1240 x 19 mm (4' x 9' x 3/4" - 48.8" x 109.8")

Veneered laminates for unlimited possibilities

Veneered laminates for unlimited possibilities

Shinnoki prefinished veneered laminates are made up of stained and lacquered real wood veneers laminated to a paper impregnated with a phenolic resin. The result is a firm but still bendable product that can be applied as easy as a HPL decorative laminate. They are ideal for applications such as interior doors and where specific substrates are required and thus a perfect complement to Shinnoki panels.

2150 x 1000 x 1 mm (3' x 7' x 1/17") or 3050 x 1220 x 1 mm (4' x 9' x 1/17")

The perfect edge finish

The perfect edge finish

For seamless edge finishing, you can rely on our range of prefinished edge bandings in various colours and styles. There are both ABS strips and veneer strips available. The veneered edges guarantee a refined finish while the ABS one ideal for applications with intesive use.

Veneer 24 or 48 mm (15/16" or 1 5/8") x 100 m (328 ft)
ABS 24 or 48 mm (15/16" or 1 5/8") x 50 m (164 ft)

Shinnoki is a range of ready-to-use veneered panels for interior applications marked by contemporary designs, a high and consistent quality, easy processing and inexpensive. Shinnoki has the desired look and benefits of a panel made with solid hardwood lumber, without any of the disadvantages.

Shinnoki panels guarantee uniform quality with the natural, lively appearance of wood, both visually and sensorial. They fit easily into any commercial, retail, hopitality or residential project and offers limitless possibilities for millwork applications such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and office interiors.

Important for Shinnoki is the mixmatch technique. By combining wood veneer from different trees and with varying slicing techniques, one obtains continuous surfaces without optical interruptions. The result is a uniform quality without compromising on the vibrant aspect of wood.

A genuine wood top layer

The top layer of Shinnoki is a sheet of real wood veneer, assembled according our unique mixmatch technique. The surface is gently brushed, stained and lacquered with a soft-touch acrylate urethane lacquer. The result is a pleasant touching surface where the protection, the natural feel and exclusive appearance of the wood are well-balanced.

What is mixmatch?

In order to obtain a uniform surface, with different pieces of furniture forming a whole, wood veneer from different trees with varying slicing techniques is selected and randomly spliced into a sheet. Thus we get a view of a solid wood without the downsides such as weight and curvature. Each board is different and yet matching, which leads to more ease of use and less trouble.